10 Free Online Small Business Resources

10 Free Online Small Business Resources

Whether you are starting your business on your own or gearing up to seek venture capital backing, it is important to strategically maximise your budget without sacrificing the quality of your products or services.

Here are 10 free online small business resources you should consider for your business.

Customer Service

HubSpot Service Hub has all the tools you need to delight customers at scale. You will give them an extraordinary and efficient experience with your company. Help them to help themselves, and build a base of happy customers who advocate for your business.

Build your own solution with Zendesk Sunshine, the open and flexible CRM platform. Sunshine is built on AWS and lets you seamlessly connect and understand all your customer data—wherever it lives. It is fast, powerful, and gives you the freedom to build whatever you want.

Try the free trial.

Marketing and Advertising

Google Analytics is a free software that provides valuable insights into who is visiting your website and how they engage with it.

It’s best paired with Google Search Console – another free digital marketing tool that helps you to identify any problems on your site and optimize it for traffic.

The world’s most used search engine offers businesses a free profile to help you connect with your customers. Use Google My Business to post hours, location, and pricing information, and share pictures and even a virtual tour—all of which will then show up for your audience in Google’s search results.

Google Keyword Planner was designed to help analyse and research keywords and optimize SEO. It gives insight into keyword trends and search volume, allowing SMEs to predict which keywords might perform best. Although Keyword Planner is available at no cost, you’ll need to set up a free Google Adwords account for access.

Analyse one of your most important customer touchpoints with Hubspot’s Website Grader. Website Grader lets you know what you are doing right and which areas of your site need some attention. It takes a look at important criteria like SEO, mobile optimization and security, then delivers a grade from 1-100 in just a few seconds.

Digital Design

If you are looking to design great visuals Canva is the right tool for you. It handles the heavy lifting so you can create amazing infographics, Instagram posts, and more with ease and flair.

offers a large database of images along with a host of free templates (over 10,000), plus a simple, easy-to-use interface. While you can also quickly create custom templates, DesignWizard excels as a front-line, free graphic design tool for beginners.


More than anything else, being a business owner involves a lot of email. For making decisions, communicating with staff, marketing to customers, and more.

If you’re a small-time entrepreneur new to email marketing, you can’t beat MailChimp for beautiful and easy to create bulk newsletter content. You can send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers absolutely free. MailChimp offers a variety of templates, advanced analytics, easy one-click personalization, and more.


To summarise, the above 10 free online small business resources are very important for every small business. Business owners can utilise them to reach their business’s maximum potential and increase the growth of the company over the course of time.

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