FinTech For All Charter

Cubefunder signs the 'FinTech For All Charter'

By signing the FinTech For All Charter we are pledging to create a culture where inclusive behaviour is championed, harassment is not tolerated, and diversity is widely promoted

At Cubefunder we aim to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – DEI. We make sure that our employees have the same opportunities to get promoted, to contribute, and have the same impact on the business as their peers.

  • 85%

    of workplace harassment is gender based with high incidents of 'everyday sexism'

  • 84%

    of FinTech sector employees have been harassed at least more than once

  • 10%

    of the incidents logged were instances of 'unwanted physical contact' such as groping

What Is The FinTech For All Charter?

The FinTech For All Charter is an industry-led initiative leading the way in creating an inclusive FinTech sector where diverse talent thrives, driving innovation & growth.

At Cubefunder, we provide a safe working environment free of abusive, violent, threatening, or other disruptive behaviour.

We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, bullying, or disrespectful behaviour. We respect and encourage open dialogue, to create a climate for frank and honest discussions.


Cubefunder agrees to tackle harassment & promote inclusion by:

  • Having one member of our senior executive team accountable for Inclusion & Diversity
  • Creating & promoting an effective Harassment & Bullying (H&B) policy
  • Developing employee awareness around what constitutes harassment & encouraging inclusive practices
  • Providing a range of appropriate reporting channels so that employees can speak up safely
  • Ensuring that action is taken as per our H&B Policy


* Source: FinTech For All 2020 – Industry-wide research project to understand bias & harassment across FinTech


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