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Step one

Apply online

Fill in our simple application form to get started.

Step two

Same day call

Our team will call you regarding the details of your business, funding requirements and request your last 3 months of business bank statements.

Step three


After we receive all the required documents, we will aim to have a decision with you within 48 hours. We will contact you at this stage if we have any questions regarding you and your business.

Step four

Receive funding

Get the funds straight to your account within 24 hours of our final checks.

Why Choose Cubefunder

What our clients say

Cubefunder was one of the only lenders that would lend us money because my credit rating was damaged trying to build the company over 10 years which is still running.

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Application process FAQ

Q: What is the minimum lending criteria?

A: The minimum eligibility requirements are:

  • A limited company registered in England or Wales
  • Minimum of 3 months trading
  • Monthly revenue +£4,000
  • Business purpose

Q: Why do you need my phone number and email?

A: We will call all applicants who pass the initial screening to discuss the details about the loan and their business.

Q: How long will the application process take?

A: We aim to complete the application and have funds in your account as fast as possible. The application will be processed faster if send us your bank statements using Open banking. The biggest delays in the process happen if we cannot contact you and get the documents we require.

Q: Do you visit every business?

A: Yes, we will personally come to visit you at your place of business before confirming any loan. This is our final check in the application process and funds will be in your account usually within 24 hours of the visit.

Q: How fast can I get a decision?

A: We will call and email you to discuss the details regarding your application and the documents we will require on the day of your application. We then aim to notify you with a decision within one working day of receiving all the necessary documents.

Q: What documents do I need to provide?

A: We will need the last 3 months of business bank statements. The quickest way to do this is with Open Banking using

If you are unable to use Open banking., we may accept PDF copies.

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