Short Term Business Loans.

We offer short term loans between £5,000-£100,000 at a fixed cost, no APR.


No default charges for late payment
No charges for early payment

Representative example: Borrow £10,000 for 12 months at a rate of 5% a month, your daily repayments will be £60 (based on a 5-day working week). Total repayment including the loan balance will be £16,000. Actual rate may vary based on circumstances.

A modern lending solution for businesses like yours.

  • Flexible Tailored repayments

    All businesses have times where cashflow is tight. Unlike traditional banks, we work with you to ensure the repayment plans match your cashflow.

  • Live UK lending centre

    At Cubefunder we have an experienced team of decision makers to help you complete your application and see your loan through to being deposited in your bank.

  • No APR, one fee to borrow

    Your company’s loan will have a fixed cost of credit agreed with you at the start. Provided you stay in touch and advise us if your circumstances change, there will be no additional interest charges.

  • No complicated cashflows or business plans needed

    Our application process is simple. Apply online, we help you complete over the phone if you get stuck, show us you have a well run business with a sound revenue flow, and if we are happy with it, we provide you with a loan and repayment plan that suits you.

  • Founded by entrepreneurs to help small businesses

    We understand why businesses need loans to prosper, because Cubefunder was founded by business people that share your values.

  • We lend our own money

    When we lend, the loans come from our own cash, we have no savers or depositors, which means that you deal with the same people from application, through the management of your loan, to any further loans you may require.

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Here is a list of the common types of business we lend to. However, if you can’t see your business below, don’t let that stop you from applying

Retail Businesses

Bars & Restaurants

Hotels and B&B

Hair & Beauty

Dentists & Opticians


Auto Garages & MOT

Online Businesses and many more..


Reasons for Borrowing

Here is a list of the common purposes that we loan to assist with. This is not an exhaustive list, we will consider any valid business purpose including plugging cash flow gap ahead of a rent or VAT quarter.



Fund an Order

Marketing Campaign

Expand your Business

Plug a Cashflow Gap

Business Opportunity That Can't Wait

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How it Works

Cubefunder is built on the belief that a lender should ensure its loans fit the borrower, not try and shoe-horn its customers into a set of rigid rules invented in a bank boardroom.

Fast Access to Capital

We don’t want to see you spending weeks preparing complicated cashflows and business plans in the hope that they make you ‘fit the box’. The future for small businesses relies on being able access capital to finance future growth, and Cubefunder is dedicated to providing fast finance.

Fixed Cost Credit

We add one charge when you borrow and every repayment means that your loan balance reduces.

You can apply online or by phone, or if you get in a jam we can talk you through the application while you are in your business.

Deal With Decision Makers

The decision makers at Cubefunder are people who have actually run a business, so you can be confident that the outcome of your loan application will be the right one for you and your business.

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  • Westley Brown

    WBM Scaffolding

    We’ve been a Cubefunder for 2 years now. No frustrations what so ever. Very easy to deal with.


    Maria Dolan

    We needed the funding to increase our showroom presence and have more output in our factory. I chose Cubefunder after initially being declined a loan with my business bank.

  • Simon Llewellyn

    The Sausage Revolution

    Cubefunder was one of the only lenders that would lend us money because my credit rating was damaged trying to build the company over 10 years which is still running.

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