Our 12-month business loans provide the business funding and the flexibility that is crucial to keep your venture progressing. Most businesses will require a degree of funding at some point in their development and we understand that. Our loans of £5,000 – £100,000 provide you and your business the breathing space that allows you to grow and progress, safe in the knowledge that you have a reasonable amount of time in which repay the loan on the best possible terms.

We will provide you with the best repayment terms to ensure affordability, convenience, and flexibility. Unlike other business loan lenders, we don’t force you into our terms no matter what.

Instead, the Cubefunder way is that we look at your business, assess your needs together with you and then arrange the loan amount that will best serve your business and its needs.

We also always take your cashflow into account and we know that there will be busier periods in the year where things may become more affordable and that is something we are happy to factor into our loan arrangements with you.

Contact our UK-based team today to find out more and apply for a loan for your business to be repaid over a 12 month period on the most flexible and friendly terms.

How to Apply for a Business Loan over 12 Months

Our processes and application is as easy as can be and upon completion and acceptance, the funds can be in your dedicated account within 24 hours, just when you need it. Simply fill in our easy to use application form with a few details about yourself and your business, what you need and over how long you require the loan and a member of our team will contact you to arrange funding.

Once the loan amount, terms and repayments are agreed, you will receive the money you need and can begin repayments straight away. There are no early repayment fees and we don’t bump up the cost of the loan once you have signed. One of the fundamental benefits of a Cubefunder business loan is that as your cashflow increases, so too can your repayments and vice versa.

Our Values

We are not like any other UK lenders and we do not have a panel of hungry board members vying to maximise interest rates and profit margins. We are a team of business people who know what it takes to make a success out of all nature of businesses. This means that we charge significantly less for our 12 month loans compared to others.

We always work with you and we will never force you to change your payment provider just to pay off the loan you need. We are well established businesspeople and understand a multitude of different business types and models.

Try our Business Loan Calculator

Instead of having to work out how much you will have to pay and how long it will take you to pay off the loan in question yourself, try our handy and easy to use business loan calculator, specifically designed for our customers and our loans. Simply select how much you want to borrow and over how long, click ‘calculate now’ and we will show you how your loan will work. once you’re happy with the loan offering, just fill in a few details about your business and we will be in touch to arrange the funding straight away.

Our team are always happy to discuss the specific challenges and the nature of your business to make sure that you receive a loan that is truly manageable and beneficial for you and your business.

Our Medium-Term Business Loans Care for Your Business

Other business finance lenders tend to apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach which means that no matter your desired loan term or the amount you want to borrow, you will have to subscribe to all their terms. This means that you have next to no flexibility and cannot deviate in any way. A major problem of this approach is that it doesn’t take the peaks and troughs of running a business into account. However, at Cube Funder, we do.

Every business is different, with a different set of values, challenges and targets. Moreover, we understand that behind every business there are individuals working to make it work.

Our approach to 12 month business loans, as with all of our other loans is a truly caring approach which ensures your business prospers and doesn’t struggle with repayment terms and complicated payment provider changes. By looking after our customers as we do means you can get on with doing what you know best; running your business and building on its success, without worrying about unaffordable loan repayments.

What are the Application Criteria?

Our application criteria are not there to catch you out or exclude you from any loan. We simply make sure you qualify for the loan you need, carry out a few checks to ensure affordability and then get you on the way to receiving your funding for your business. Our criteria to apply are very flexible and easy to work with. All we require is:

• Loans are between £5,000 and £100,000
• Loans are borrowed up to 12 months (which can be repaid early)
• That you hold a UK bank account and associated debit card
• That your business is more than or approaching being 12 months old

No Additional Fees

Part of what makes our loans so beneficial for all nature of businesses is that we never charge extra fees on top of the loan (read more). All our business loans are fixed cost credit loans and will never incur additional fees, interest payments or charges. The amount you will repay is the amount we quote from the outset, nothing more.

All we ask is that we are kept in the loop with your business and should your circumstances change in anyway, we will be there to assist.

What do I need to Apply for a Loan?

We will never ask you for credit statements or other potentially intrusive information and we don’t hold you to a set of rudimentary and often illogical criteria that restrict what you can apply for. All we need from you to process your application are a few details about yourself, some information about your business and what you need the loan for. From there, one of our friendly team will work with you to get you the loan that best suits your needs.

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