Small business loans are perfect for businesses on the cusps of expansion and for those times when your business needs that bit extra to tide you over. We provide loans of £5,000 to £100,000 for small businesses throughout the UK to help your business grow and thrive.

We offer a variety of loan options to ensure your business receives the most suitable loan on the most suitable repayment terms:

Unsecured Business Loans
6-Month Business Loans
12-Month Business Loans
Merchant Cash Advance Alternative Loans

Our flexible repayment options also mean that you will never have to repay what you can’t afford and the terms of loan repayments are based on your preferences and cashflow. Thousands of UK businesses take out business loans every year, but many find themselves having to subscribe to the strict terms of their loan provider.

We do things differently and will never force you to change your credit payment provider or repay unrealistically high amounts in addition to additional fees and interest charges and we never tie you or your business into restrictive repayment terms.

Get in touch with our friendly UK based team today to find out more about our small business loans and how they can help your business grow and thrive in flexible comfort.

Why a Small Business Loan is Important

There are numerous common uses for short term business loans and there is nothing wrong with having to borrow an amount for your business’ success, growth and progression. Reasons for having to take out a loan include:

⎫ Paying off Bills – All businesses have running costs and if you are running a shop for example, there will be many overheads that you will need to cover all year round. When things get quiet, we are there to help take care of these expenses

⎫ Wages and Staff – You may find that your business is growing and increasing in its workload and success. A crucial consideration here is whether your current team and staff can cop. You may need to hire additional staff to cope with increased workloads. However, this will likely cost tens of thousands of pounds which may not be immediately available and our loans see you through

✔ New Equipment – If your business is reliant of machinery and technology, it is crucial that you keep up to date with the latest industry standards. To be at the cutting edge of your industry is key to your business’ future success. Therefore, new equipment may be the difference between stagnation and progression. Our loans allow you to purchase what you need to succeed

✔Consolidating Business Debts – It is inevitable that your business will drum up several debts, many of which are very short term and are repaid quickly. However, as debts build up things can become very pressured and difficult to manage. Many businesses take out a small loan to consolidate all their outstanding loans into one affordable debt

✔Unexpected Costs – Unexpected things happen throughout life and business is no different. We are there for when those unexpected costs creep up on you. A small business loan tides you over and lets to find your feet again

Our Understanding Approach to Small Business Lending

There are many reasons why a small business may require funding of any sort and there is nothing abnormal about this. Most lenders though, charge high interest rates, add additional fees and charges and tie you into restrictive terms for a loan’s duration. However, the Cube Funder approach to business lending is very different.

We are not a board of investors looking to make big returns and for us, your business’ success is what matters to us.

We are a collection of established business people who understand the realities of running a small to medium-sized business in the UK. That is why we lend up to £100,000 to a range of small businesses and allow you to save money by repaying early when things are busier for your business.

Ensuring you receive the necessary funds to grow your business with minimal disruption to cashflow and your business’ functioning is our priority. What’s more is that our loans are flexible and make sure that you can adjust terms as the loan progresses.

Getting a Small Business Loan – What are the Terms?

We don’t hold you to a set of unmovable terms when you apply for a loan with us. Rather, we have a set of criteria that help us match you to the best loan for your business and individual circumstances. We know that all businesses are different and the people behind them have different strengths and preferences, so judge each business on its merits and on a case by case basis.

You don’t need to arrange alternative credit card payment services when you take out a Cube Funder loan either. If you wish to repay some or all of the loan via credit card payments we are happy to work with you and your provider of choice to facilitate this process. All you need to have is a UK corporate bank account for your business and an associated debit card and we will do the rest.

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What Happens if my Circumstances Change?

We provide tailored business loans of between £5,000 and £100,000 over a maximum period of 12 months and allow you to repay early. This means that as your business gets busier with increased revenue, you can move towards clearing your loan sooner than initially expected, driving down the loan’s cost and saving your business money.

Equally, you may find that certain times of year are quieter and we can work with you through this. Simply inform our helpful and friendly team who will talk you through things and allow you to pay less when business is slow and a little more when it is busier. We don’t carry out harsh credit checks, leaving a hard footprint on your credit rating either and our loans are all forms of fixed cost credit. This means that you will not be subject to expensive interest payments or additional fees.

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Get in Touch to Secure Small Business Funding

Contact our experienced team of advisors today to apply for a small business loan to help your business grow and move to the next level. We have experience in lending across a plethora of industries and will help you secure the ideal loan product for your business on the most flexible and friendly terms.