Our unsecured business loans are the best way for your business to secure the finance needed to build and progress. Unlike other loans that require a business to use assets or equity as security for the loan in question, an unsecured loan allows you the peace of mind that no assets or portion of your business is on the line no matter what.

We provide unsecured loans for businesses of between £5,000 and £100,000, meaning that no matter the size, nature or structure of your business, we have the loan that is perfectly suited to you. It may be the case that as a fast-growing business or perhaps one with limited assets, you may be unable or uncomfortable putting any assets or equity on the line and this is something we are happy to work with.

Our most popular products include:

6-Month Business Loans
12-Month Business Loans
Merchant Cash Advance Alternative Loans


No matter the reason, we understand what it takes to run a business in the modern age. We are a team of experienced businesspeople and we do not have a panel of board members pushing for hefty returns. This means that your business interests are in our interests and your progress is what we want to achieve.

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Unsecured Business Finance the Cube Funder Way

Very few businesses manage to grow without needing an extra push, in the shape of additional funding to invest into the business and an unsecured business loan is often the ideal solution. It may be that you need to purchase new stock to increase profits or perhaps employ a new staff member for a short period of time to get things in order, working more efficiently for your business. Our loans are ideal for businesses with little to no assets as well as those who are unable to secure merchant loans elsewhere.

We believe that getting a loan to improve and expand your business should be nothing but easy and straightforward. However, high street and traditional lenders such as banks have become increasingly apprehensive to lend to businesses unless a very strict set of criteria and rigid rules are satisfied. Our team work to secure you the best possible loan with easy repayments over a comfortable time frame.

Try Our Loan Calculator

Our loan calculator will help you calculate the cost of the loan you require. Simply fill in a few quick and easy details such as your name, contact details, how much you are looking to borrow and over how long and we will provide

you with a costed quote outlining exactly what you will need to pay and over how long. In addition, if your business’ circumstances change, our loans will adapt to your needs.

What Checks are Carried Out?

Whilst many lenders carry out checks that are often overly intrusive and are sometimes unnecessary, we only check what is necessary. Rather than performing harsh credit checks, leaving a ‘hard footprint’ on your credit rating, our checks are much more borrower-friendly.

This means that our checks will not impact your credit rating. If you have a UK bank account and a linked debit card; alongside your personal details, we will carry out our check and get the ball rolling on your loan. We simply perform the checks we do to assess affordability and make sure the loan works for you and is the best product for your specific circumstances and business.

Repaying your Unsecured Business Loan

We always work with our customers. What this means is that instead of applying a rigid set of rules and restrictions on you and your business, we work around your business challenges and needs to ensure affordability, convenience and the utmost flexibility. Our loans are different from those offered by other lenders.

Because we know that cashflows can change in either direction, should your turnover increase and you wish to repay your loan earlier than expected, there are no additional fees, you can simply clear your loan early. Conversely, should your cashflow slowdown, simply let us know and we will work through your situation with you providing you with a restructured plan to meet the changes in circumstance.

Every Business is Different

Because not all businesses are the same, we have made sure that our unsecured business loans are suitable for all nature of businesses. We know that some businesses accept more cash than others whilst some simply do not accept many if any credit card payments. Whereas other lenders will simply not provide loans to these businesses, with merchant loans an unsuitable option, we are happy to arrange loans on a similar basis to merchant loans but without the need for credit card payments.

This means that you can secure the loan you need with repayment terms like those of otherwise convenient merchant loans but without the need to change or perhaps subscribe to a prescribed credit payment provider.


Flexible Terms

Instead of forcing you to accept a set of rigid loan conditions, leaving you with the risk of late payment charges and extra fees lingering over your head, our loans are always tailor made for the borrower. Because all of the loans we offer, including unsecured business loans are fixed cost lines of credit, the amount quoted at the outset is always the final amount you will pay over the course of the loan.


Can I Fix my Loan’s Term?

Yes. We provide a wide range of unsecured business loans such as 6 and 12 month loans that can be repaid early if preferred. However, you may repay the loan over the entire term and will not be charged extra for doing so.

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