Cubefunder and Ampere Join Forces to Transform the Small Business Finance Landscape

Cubefunder and Ampere Join Forces to Transform the Small Business Finance Landscape

In an exciting development for the business community, Cubefunder has announced a strategic partnership with Ampere, a cutting-edge neobank offering an All-in-One Financial Service for Business. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the landscape of small business finance, providing entrepreneurs with swift and seamless access to essential financial tools.

Effortless Onboarding: Opening Accounts in Minutes

The partnership between Cubefunder and Ampere marks a significant step towards simplifying the financial journey for small businesses. Ampere, known for its pioneering approach to banking, offers an innovative platform where businesses can open an account in a matter of minutes. This quick and efficient process allows entrepreneurs to gain complete control over their funds from anywhere, empowering them to manage their finances with ease.

One of the key features of this collaboration is the ability for businesses to send and receive money instantly through the secure Ampere app. This functionality not only enhances the efficiency of financial transactions but also ensures that businesses can conduct their operations smoothly, without unnecessary delays.

Comprehensive Financial Tools: All-in-One Solution

Moreover, the Ampere platform provides access to powerful business tools, consolidating essential financial functions in one secure app. This comprehensive approach simplifies the financial management process for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus more on their core business activities.

Cubefunder’s Commitment: Paving the Way for Small Business Growth

At the same time, Cubefunder’s decision to partner with Ampere underscores its unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses on their growth journey. By leveraging the capabilities of Ampere’s neobank platform, Cubefunder aims to play a pivotal role in facilitating easier access to vital funding for small businesses. The collaboration is designed to empower entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate the complexities of finance with efficiency and ease.

Furthermore, the joint effort of Cubefunder and Ampere reflects a shared dedication to the success of small businesses. Through this strategic partnership, the two entities are working towards creating a financial landscape that empowers entrepreneurs, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Innovation in Action: Reshaping the Financial Landscape

As businesses continue to face challenges in the ever-evolving financial environment, the Cubefunder and Ampere collaboration stands as a beacon of innovation. Small businesses can now look forward to a streamlined and simplified financial experience, thanks to the seamless integration of Cubefunder’s commitment to supporting growth and Ampere’s revolutionary neobank services. Together, Cubefunder and Ampere are reshaping the future of small business finance, making it more efficient, accessible, and entrepreneur-friendly.

Deniss Basinov, Ampere CFO said: “We are excited to welcome Cubefunder as one of our business loan providers. Their fresh perspective and innovative approach to business loans will be a valuable asset. With this collaboration, we look forward to expanding our offerings and empowering more businesses”.

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