Tax and VAT Loans

Are you a business owner looking for a loan with which to pay your tax or VAT liabilities? Then talk to us here at Cubefunder and find out how we can help.

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Tax and VAT Loans

We lend our own money and, as business owners ourselves, look to help other businesses. Even if you have looked elsewhere for this type of loan and had your application declined, please discuss your needs with us – we’d love to assist!

Why Cubefunder?

You know that sooner or later you are going to be liable, but tax and VAT demands somehow still often have a habit of hitting you out of the blue.

Tax demands come once a year, and your VAT returns must be made quarterly – yet however carefully you might have budgeted for the liability, they might often knock your finely balanced working capital sideways.

That might be the time to turn to tax and VAT business loans to meet your liabilities and avoid the wrath of the taxman:

  • by arranging an unsecured, fixed-rate, short-term loan with us here at Cubefunder;
  • a short-term loan means that the interest you pay is kept to a minimum and, with up to a year within which to repay it, you may spread the cost of your tax liabilities over the whole 12 months;
  • the fixed-rate cost of credit is known from the outset, and the equal monthly instalments allow you to budget for the agreed repayments.
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What Our Customers Say

“We needed the funding to increase our showroom presence and have more output in our factory. I chose Cubefunder after initially being declined a loan with my business bank.”

Maria Dolan, Houzlux


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How can Cubefunder help you and your business

  • No Late Payment Penalties
  • Flexible Repayment Plans
  • No Early Repayment Penalties
  • No Complicated Business Plans Required
  • Any Business Purpose
  • UK Based Lending Team

Members of the team here at Cubefunder have themselves run businesses, so we know what it’s like when the taxman comes calling, and the company’s reserves are found wanting. We know, therefore, the value of arranging suitable and timely tax and VAT loans.

We know, too, that putting your tax and VAT affairs in order is trouble enough, without the added hassle of leaping through the hoops that some banks might put in front of you when you apply for a loan.

Instead, we have streamlined our application procedures to ensure that the finance you are looking for comes simply, hassle-free, and quickly. We’ll tell you straight away whether your application for a loan is approved in principle. You make a formal application and, if that too is approved, we’ll transfer the requested funds directly to your company bank account within the next 48 hours.

Our loans are designed to fit you and your needs, without putting you through the time, effort, and expense of preparing detailed business plans or cash flow analyses.


Reasons why you may need tax and VAT loans

Tax and VAT loans offer a way of managing your company budget to meet those certain liabilities most businesses face. In place of one-off payments at annual, quarterly, or monthly intervals, you may spread the load throughout the year, repaying the initial loan in equal monthly instalments.

Tax and VAT loans are unsecured, so none of your company, Directors’ or personal assets are at risk and the short-term nature of the loan means that the cost of credit is kept to a minimum (compared to interest accrued on longer-term business funding).

This is a form of finance that may be used for:


Corporation tax finance

  • limited liability companies pay corporation tax – and may face stiff penalties if payment is made so much as one day late and a still greater penalty if payment is delayed more than three months;
  • corporation tax finance helps to ensure that your company does not fall into any such trap;


VAT loans

  • any business – including limited liability companies – with an annual income of more than £85,000 must be registered for VAT and returns made either quarterly or, in some cases, yearly;
  • as with late payments of corporation tax, late VAT returns are also subject to a “surcharge” – so there is a clear incentive to make sure you make returns and payments when they fall due;
  • the amount of the surcharge is based on the size of your business (by total turnover) and the number of times you have defaulted during a 12-month period.

There is very little more certain for any business than a liability to pay tax. Tax and VAT loans, however, may help to ensure that you meet those demands and avoid the penalties imposed by HM Revenue & Customs for late payment.

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