Women in Business – ‘The Boutique Hair and Beauty Training Academy’

Women in Business – ‘The Boutique Hair and Beauty Training Academy’

We have started to work on blog posts focussing on successful women in business. Particularly, companies led by successful women.

At Cubefunder, 70% of our senior management team is female-led. However, we constantly aim to push gender equality within our workspace.

We are proud to say that we are exceeding our target of 50% of female team members in senior management roles.

According to a UK-wide study by UENI, 32.37% is the number of UK businesses currently owned by women and 67.63% are owned by men, highlighting a remarkable shift from four years ago when just 17% of founders were female. 

For this first blog post, we have invited Nikki Evans, founder of The Boutique Hair and Beauty Training Academy.

Nikki’s Training Academy offers online and in-person hair & beauty courses. From microblading courses, botox, facials and brows courses, you can find everything on her website

Nikki, tell us a little bit about yourself.

“My name is Nikki and I have been in the Beauty Industry for over 23 years. Within the last 4 years, I have owned 2 Multi Award-Winning Hair & Beauty Salons. 

I studied my NVQ2 & 3 at Exeter College and gained my Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology.

I currently have a Multi-Award Winning Academy based in Devon offering online training courses and face-to-face teaching. 

I have won multiple awards including Entrepreneur of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award. I was recently featured in a worldwide magazine for the top 30 inspiring women to look out for in 2022. “

Would you say it was difficult for you to succeed in your industry? What is your advice for young businesswomen?

“More and more women are becoming more powerful in business over the world.
I have found that the more successful I have gotten people have changed towards me. Most positive some negative. It’s been a man’s world for a very long time and some people can find empowered women intimidating but never ever let that stop you from reaching your goals.”

What is your life goal? 

“I have this year completed my Life Coaching Diploma and my goal in life is to help people achieve their own goals hence why I became an Educator. 

The Training Academy offers many different tailor-made coaching programmes and I am also available for seminars. I pride myself in everything I do and believe that it’s never too late to achieve goals.”

Any plans for 2022?

“In 2022 I will be travelling around the UK offering hair & beauty training and some aesthetics training.”

Speaking with other businesswomen at the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey, accessing support that is tailored to your needs, learning from role models, and working with a mentor can help in the development of your business idea and identify strategies for future growth. On our side, we will continue to support female entrepreneurs in running their own businesses in England and Wales.

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