6-month business loans are an ideal short term business funding solution for all nature of business. Most businesses at some point need to borrow money and a short-term solution is often the perfect solution to temporary money problems.

Loans taken out over a few months are designed to tide over your business and its needs long enough for you to repay the loan in full but not be tied in for a long time.

We provide specifically designed 6-month business loans of between £5,000 and £100,000 specifically designed for your business with repayment terms to suit you.

We understand that every business has unique needs and that is why we don’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Get in touch with our friendly UK based team today to find out more about how a loan for your business from Cube Funder is unlike any other.

Getting a Business Loan is Easy

Getting a business loan through a bank has never been more difficult and many mainstream lenders are not equipped or experienced enough to provide specific loans for businesses across different sectors. Moreover, as a business, the last thing you want is to risk a loan rejection which could impact the future functioning of your prized asset.

Loans with Cubefunder allow you to be safe in the knowledge that you are working with experienced lenders who have a great deal of knowledge throughout the business lending arena.

High interest rates offered by some lenders are more of a hindrance and whilst the associated loans are often easy to secure in the short term, over the long term they could have serious ramifications. Our process of applying for the right loan for your business, through to the point of approval couldn’t be easier, with just a few simple steps to get you on the way to securing your perfect arrangement on terms designed to work around you.

No Hidden Costs

Unlike other unspecialised lenders who offer initially appealing arrangements that transform into high interest and hidden charges, we are a team of professionals and business experts. This means that rather than looking at the interest we charge, we look at the successes of your business. Our aim is to

provide the impetus you need to take you further than any other lender.
The costs we quote from the outset are what you will pay all the way through. Nothing more.

Our Process

Part of what makes getting a loan with us so appealing is the ease at which you can find the loan you need, apply for it and get the funding straight to the dedicated account of your choice.

Simply go to our application page; fill in your details and a little bit about your business, what you need the loan for and over how long and a member of our experienced team will be in touch to find out a little bit more about you. From there we will carry out a few routine checks and will get you on the way to receiving the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

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We are Unlike Other Business Loan Providers

We understand that having to borrow any amount of money over any period for your business is not ideal. We have therefore designed a new type of 6-month business loan, tailored to the needs and requirements of you and your business.

Typically, when you take out a business loan there will be a range of potential and unwanted charges. These will include things such as APR, late payment charges and setup fees.

When it comes to our loans however, the amount you are quoted from the outset is all you will pay right the way through the loan term.

We will agree a fixed amount over a pre-determined period and so long as we are kept updated with any circumstantial changes, you will never have to pay a penny more and your interest and loan repayments will never need to change.

Part of what makes our loans that bit better from other providers is that even during the loan agreement, you can update your terms. This means that if for example you see an increase in business revenue and want to pay the loan back early to drive your costs down, you may do so.

We are not a traditional merchant lender, tying you in to different payment providers and credit platforms and we do not have a board of hungry investors just looking for increased profits. We are business people who understand how businesses work and aim towards your successes.

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Get in Touch to Arrange a 6-Month Business Loan

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