Premises Rent Loans

Is your company a leaseholder looking for premises rent loans? Contact us to discuss how Cubefunder can help you secure the finance you need – even if you have looked elsewhere only to have previous applications declined.

As business owners ourselves, with our own money to lend, we look to help other business owners.

Looking for Premises Rent Loans?

We have wide range of finance options for existing businesses looking for commercial rents funding. We can also help with staff costs and more…

How Cubefunder can help you with premises rent loans

You have carefully budgeted for each month’s rent as it falls due, but then something unexpected comes along to throw your cash flow projections and working capital balances into confusion – an urgent order for supplies and materials, perhaps, or an overdue tax demand.

Premises rent loans may help to ensure that you avoid problems – and even the risk of eviction – so you can make your rental payments when they fall due:

  • the loan is short-term – between three and 12 months – but not so long that it attracts undue amounts of interest;
  • the fixed monthly repayments bring peace of mind and easier budgeting of your cash flow;
  • premises rent loans are unsecured, so you do not put any company – or personal – assets at risk; and
  • you may choose the amount of borrowing and the repayment period to accommodate the particular shortfall in rent.

How Cubefunder can work for you

Cubefunder works for you by simplifying the whole process of raising the loan you need to pay the rent.

Unlike many other lenders, we do not ask for a detailed business plan or elaborate cash flow projections but, working with you, use our knowledge to asses the creditworthiness of your company and its financial standing.

Our streamlined application procedures allow us to give you an immediate decision in principle to your online or telephoned enquiry. If your subsequent formal application is then also approved, the requested funds are delivered directly to your company bank account within just 48 hours.

As far as the cost of credit is concerned, we add a single sum at the very start of the fixed-rate borrowing term, so that your repayments are in equal monthly instalments – making it easier for you to budget – and, of course, every payment you make reduces the outstanding balance of the debt.

Reasons why you may need premises rent loans

The principal reason for borrowing to pay your rent, of course, is because the payment falls due on a regular basis and any late or defaulted payment is likely to result in strained relations with your landlord – and even the risk of eviction.

Since your company is likely to depend on continuing to operate from your existing premises, rent loans may help you to make those vital payments. If you are experiencing a period of growth and decide to rent additional or improved premises, then rent loans may ease the transition into the new property by ensuring that initial rent demands, deposits and other tenancy or leasehold charges are safely covered.

Increased rent finance

With the demand for commercial property currently outstripping supply, landlords are in a position to increase rents from time to time – often at relatively short notice. Since these rent hikes are difficult to plan for and budget, they may catch you unawares, and you face a shortfall in the necessary rent.

Here at Cubefunder, we are familiar with just that predicament and offer a solution by way of increased rent finance.

Rent arrears finance

An understanding landlord may allow you to slip into temporary arrears with your rent – but sooner or later, of course, it must be paid if you are to avoid the risk of your landlord taking action to repossess the property and terminate your tenancy.

Rent arrears finance, therefore, allows you to meet the landlord’s demands, clear any accumulated arrears, and re-establish a firm and satisfactory footing for the tenancy or leasehold that is essential to your business.

Looking for Premises Rent Loans?

We have wide range of finance options for existing businesses looking for commercial rents funding. We can also help with staff costs and more…

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