Expansion Finance

Are you the owner of a business looking to expand? Are you looking for the expansion finance that is likely to require? At Cubefunder we believe we can help you find it – even if you have previously applied for expansion finance elsewhere and were declined. Lending our own money, we are business owners on a mission to help business owners.

Looking for Expansion Finance?

We have wide range of finance options for existing businesses looking for working capital or equipment funding. We can also help with staff costs and more…


How Cubefunder can help you with expansion finance

A successful business can rarely afford to stand still. Innovation, growth and expansion are all keywords in the language of a go-ahead enterprise. Since your everyday balance of working capital is unlikely to fund those ambitions for growth, however, you are likely to need expansion finance:

  • for the capital finance to launch and execute your plans for growth;
  • it might mean the refurbishment of your existing premises – or even the acquisition of new business property;
  • short-term business finance may be the way to fund even the most ambitious expansion plans; and
  • the injection of capital may put your enterprise on a stronger footing to move forward as your business continues to grow.

How Cubefunder can work for you

The decision-makers here at Cubefunder are entrepreneurs just like you. They know the importance of the appropriate financing solutions for your expansion plans.

But they also understand that one of the obstacles to getting expansion finance when you need it the most is the delay too often built into the rigid rules and procedures adopted by other lenders. They know you can do without the hassle, expense and delay of having to put together elaborate business plans or detailed cash flow projections – and, instead, want a simple, straight forward and fast application process.

That’s why we aim to give you a decision in principle more or less immediately. If you then choose to make a formal application, our streamlined procedures ensure that consideration is given straight away and, if approved, the requested funds are transferred electronically, directly to your company bank account within the next 48 hours or so.

Reasons why you may need expansion finance

We live in a fast-moving world. If you own a business, you may find that the markets in which you are trading may change practically overnight.

When markets change, your business opportunities may multiply – provided, of course, that you are quick and able enough to diversify, adapt and expand your business to seize those new opportunities.

With your available working capital already committed, however, the diversification and growth you need to push forward is going to take a fresh injection of external funding – and, in this instance, expansion finance in particular.

That expansion finance may itself take different forms and serve different purposes:

Business premises finance

  • a change in direction by your company, the opening up of new markets, the targeting of new customers, and the general expansion in trading activities may require a move to new, extended or refurbished business premises;
  • business premises finance is purpose-designed to meet just such a purpose – injecting the short-term capital to facilitate the acquisition of new premises or the extension and refurbishment of existing property;

Rent finance

  • your expansion plans might not even extend to the acquisition and ownership of new premises, but by renting the property and moving in as a tenant;
  • this too is going to involve extraordinary expenditure and rent finance – repayable over the short-term and at a fixed rate of interest – may be just what is needed to secure the tenancy you are after;

Machinery finance

  • if your business expansion involves new lines of production to meet newly-discovered demand, you might need to re-equip your plant and equipment;
  • machinery finance is specifically designed to provide the short-term funding you may need for the acquisition of lease of such new plant, equipment and machinery;

Stock finance

  • finally, you might want to take into account the need to re-stock your shelves and storerooms to meet the new customer demand that is generated by the expansion of your business activities;
  • stock finance is available to ensure that you are fully stocked to meet that upsurge in demand.

Expansion finance, therefore, may be used to achieve a number of objectives likely to arise from the plans you put in place to diversify, grow and expand your business to meet the new challenges and opportunities that fast-moving markets are likely to stimulate.

Looking for Expansion Finance?

We have wide range of finance options for existing businesses looking for working capital or equipment funding. We can also help with staff costs and more…

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