Start up business loans can be the difference between a business expanding and progressing and potentially not getting off the ground and being able to explore its true potential. One of the fundamentally important aspects of our loans for businesses is that rather than requiring borrowers to secure loans against property or high value assets that they may not have, our offerings are unsecured business loans of between £5,000 and £100,000. We are able to provide:


• Small Business Loans for Start Ups
• Unsecured Loans for Start Ups
• Flexible Loans for Start ups

Merchant loans are not suitable for start ups as they are often too new to qualify with the lenders for a loan and many start ups do not have credit and debit card payment facilities. This means that many businesses are left out in the dark with nowhere to turn for much-needed business funding. Because we are a team of people who understand business and we aren’t dictated to by any shareholders, our loan options are much more suitable for all types of start ups.

Start up loans from Cube Funder however, allow businesses to borrow the money they need, safe in the knowledge that they do not need to change how they receive payments as other lenders require.

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Securing Business Loans for Start Ups

It is important that the loan you apply for is suited to your present and future business needs. This ensures that you receive the service required in order to maximise the effects of investment. For start ups, there are various forms of loans which are tailored towards the initial phases of a business; when they are in the earliest stages and prior to and just after opening the business. However, once up and running, many lenders do not see businesses as safe lending prospects until they have survived for more than 3 to 5 years.

Naturally, a business will have a degree of increased expenditure in its initial phases when it needs to purchase new items, pay for rental for their premises and start paying staff. A business loan from Cube Funder allows you to cover these costs with a single loan that is paid back through simple and affordable monthly payments, making for a convenient solution.

Try our Loan Calculator

Try our easy to use loan calculator. Simply set how much your business needs to borrow and over how long you would like to repay. Then, once you apply, a member of our team will be in touch shortly after to find out a bit more and to arrange your loan.

Our process couldn’t be easier and more straightforward when applying for a loan for your exciting new venture. Knowing how much you can borrow and over how long you will repay is invaluable to businesses and we make this as clear as possible from the outset of the loan.

Applying with Cube Funder

Our application criteria for loans is different to that of other business lenders. We don’t perform ‘hard’ credit checks that leave a footprint in your credit record. All applications are assessed on a case by case basis and because we aren’t a typical merchant lender, we don’t impose sometimes harsh terms on your for taking out a loan for your business. That means that you can get the funds you require and focus on your business.

Why Start Up Business Loans Matter

There are many reasons why a start up may need a loan:

Consolidating Existing Loans – As a start up, you will likely have many costs and expenses for your business and it can be difficult to properly keep track of this. Consolidating your existing loans and debts with a single arrangement like a Cube Funder loan puts everything in order and means that you can focus on paying off a single loan that covers all.

Awaiting Payments – As a business, it is inevitable that there will be times when you are waiting for clients and customers to pay invoices and required payments. However, it may be the case that you have some of your own required expenses and need the money a bit quicker. One of our loans can tide you over at an affordable rate and over a more comfortable time frame for you and your business.

Unexpected Expansion – Sometimes, a business expands unexpectedly and that’s great. However, many lenders won’t lend to you for this reason as your business may be too new for them to lend to. Rather than being left in a difficult situation where you need money to grow in order to increase your profits and business but where no one will lend to you until you are of a particular age and turnover. Our start up loans however are provided on a business by business basis meaning you are more likely to be accepted.


Retail Business Loans

A retail business will strongly rely upon the physical selling of physical goods and products as opposed to an intangible service. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the business is kept up and running optimally at all times.

Even a small blip in the finances and revenue flow could lead to a reduction in the volume of sales made, impacting the bottom line. Furthermore, may retailers have periods where things are a bit quieter, but where they must keep up with their payments to suppliers, staff and otherwise.

In these cases, whilst a business must be efficient, it remains crucial to be able to afford what is needed. Business loans from Cube Funder are there for you and your business for those times where you need that little bit extra to tide your business over until things get back to normal.

Our loans are also well-utilised in cases where retail businesses are looking to expand, for example by employing additional staff. Initially, there will be an increased outlay to cover the staff costs before the reward of increased business turnover materialises.

A Cube Funder loan is often the ideal solution, as we allow you to repay over a predetermined period of time, making things much more manageable and getting you back on track as soon as possible.


Loans for Clothes Shops

Clothes shops and outlets have unique challenges in that they must keep up with trends, fashions and seasonal demand in a way that does not apply to other businesses.

For example, winter clothing will not perform as well sold in the autumn, in the lead up to spring as it will be being sold at the tail end of the summer and throughout the colder winter months that follow. Moreover, when one season is ending it is hugely important to purchase the next season’s orders in advance to fulfil customer demand.

Hence, cash advances are used by many clothing shops to cover this. However, rather than making you and your business change your established ways; perhaps changing your merchant provider, we allow you to maintain your business’ practices whilst repaying your business loan with us. This means you can acquire the advance you need whilst enjoying minimal disruption to your business.

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Business Loans for Manufacturers

Although not selling directly to customers and consumers, manufacturers need to keep up with the demand of customers down the line.

For example, a manufacturer of clothing will need to keep up with the demand of customers in shops for a particular piece of clothing. Failure to match the demand may mean the direct customer [the shop(s) selling the product] seek out an alternative supplier, losing your business their revenue.

It may be the case that in order to match demand, a manufacturer needs to purchase a supply of a particular component and an advance is needed. Cube Funder loans can step in here and fulfil your financial needs.

Some manufacturers may need to increase the quality or volume of machinery in the production line in order to yield increased future revenue. However, to do so, they will need the money to make the often-expensive purchases of machinery and manpower and a business loan from Cube Funder will be designed to allow this in the most friendly and practical way possible.

Moreover, we know that many manufacturers are excluded from traditional merchant loans as they do not have card facilities; providing directly to businesses through standing orders and bank transfers. We don’t leave you behind and are happy to supply loans to those without card payment facilities.

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