We do not dismiss applications because of a bad credit rating. We will consider companies with bad credit scores if they meet our minimum requirements:

• registered company in Wales or England
• trading for more than 3 months
• the loan is for the business

Most businesses will experience a degree of financial pressure at some point due to all nature of factors. However, it is important to be able to get back on track, consolidating debts effectively to help your business move forward.
We are able to help businesses with previously grey areas in their credit history by offering loans for bad credit and dedicated products including:

• Business Loans for Missed Payments
• Business Loans for Debt Consolidation
• Loans for Businesses with Bad Credit
We understand that a few mistakes in the past should not necessarily determine the ultimate future of your business and its progression.
We consider all businesses of all types on a case by case basis before making a lending decision to ensure that you aren’t excluded from receiving the credit your business needs.
We have satisfied customers who have used our loans to clear their debts and consolidate what they owe into more manageable repayments, to allow them to look forward and not back.

See how we helped Simon Llewellyn after he was turned down from other lenders.

Business Loans for Missed Payments

One of the most common reasons for businesses having bad credit is due to their missing of payments at one stage or another. This often applies to product-based businesses who may need to make payments for stock before they sell it. If they don’t have the money available and the time for repayment elapses, they will have missed the payments to the supplier which can be detrimental to credit ratings.


We offer specific loans to cover missed payments as we are a team of business people and not just a group of hungry shareholders looking to make a profit. We understand the challenges that business owners face and we know that sometimes a missed payment is simply a part of business that needs managing properly.

How Does a Business Consolidation Loan Work?

At Cube Funder, we understand that there are times when things get tight and payments may be missed. When this happens, it can feel like things are spiralling out of control. However, a business consolidation loan takes care of these issues and makes sure that you get back on the right track to an affordable future.

We know that being late with a payment or two doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to borrow the money needed to get out of a rut.

Business loans for missed payments allow you to put all of your debts and missed payment charges under one umbrella. By taking out a loan with Cube Funder you can easily repay what you owe to all of your debtors. Then, you simply repay us on the agreed basis and over the amount of time agreed between us and you.

We are all about getting you and your business back on track and profitable by consolidating all debts into more manageable and affordable monthly repayments.

We Always Lend Responsibly

Cube Funder operates a Responsible Lending Policy which dictates the way we lend. We are always fair and balanced with how we provide our loans to businesses of all types. However, we make sure that everything lent is done in an affordable manner. This provides our clients and customers the peace of mind needed to be able to progress and successfully run their businesses. Consolidating numerous loans into one is a widely accepted responsible way to manage a business’ finances meaning that all being well, your business can get back on track sooner rather than later.

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My Business Doesn’t Accept Card Payments – Can I Apply?

Unlike run of the mill merchant lenders who will only provide their loans to businesses that fit their mould, our loans do not exclude any businesses. This is because we understand that some businesses such as barber shops, restaurants, florists and others may not accept credit card payments. Furthermore, even when a business does accept card payments, many merchant lenders deem the turnover too low to lend to them.

The Cube Funder way however is very different. We provide merchant loan alternatives and allow repayments via all methods and this includes bank transfer, card payments, cash and cheque. This makes for a much easier and much more manageable way of lending because you do not need to think about changing card payment providers, you simply pay what you can afford over a manageable time-frame we will agree with you at the start of the loan.

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The Benefits of Business Loans for Bad Credit

Business consolidation loans are one of the most effective ways of getting the finances and debts within your business back in check. These types of loans are short to medium term solutions to help you build your business for the future. Business loans for bad credit and consolidation have numerous distinct benefits to their use:

Responsible Debt Management – Debt consolidation is a widely accepted method of managing outstanding debt. Therefore, by getting everything under a single loan, such as one of our bespoke loans, the suppliers or parties owed will be repaid in one go. This is an effective way to avoid a spiral of debt and helps manage all debts in an affordable way.

Responsible Borrowing – Not all loans are worthwhile. However, a loan for debt management and to cover missed payments is a worthwhile reason for borrowing money. By borrowing an amount and repaying it on time, a business can work towards repairing and improving their credit score for the future.

Alleviating the Pressure – Having several impending repayments to creditors can be a stressful time for anyone and can take your focus away from your business. However, by taking out a loan to cover missed payments and consolidate debts, the immediate risk of potential legal action, credit score harm or bailiffs can be removed through the effective use of one of our business loans.


Friendly Business Loans from Cube Funder

Our loans for businesses are not pressuring secured loans that put your property or other high value assets at risk. We will never ask you put up anything as collateral on one of our loans. Only lend in the shape of unsecured business loans, means that unlike many other lenders that require guarantors or high value assets, we help you focus on the loan itself and help you to manage the repayments.

What’s more is that if you can’t make a payment, we won’t hit you with higher interest or large late payment fees. All we ask is that you let a member of our team know and we will help get you back on track with a reformulated payment plan. The repayment amount with us does not change and we understand that whilst your business and circumstances may change as time progresses, clear and effective loans do not.

Also, by not performing ‘hard’ credit checks, there will be no footprint left in your credit record for any other creditors or lenders you work with to see.


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