Business Apps for working on the go




Business Apps for working on the go

posted by: Jason Hulott

Many small companies are on the road a lot – if you are running a company employing teams of tradesmen, for example, business depends on it.

To ensure that you and your workforce are not only fully in touch, but also plugged into the financial and organisational demands of the company, an increasing number of business apps are there to help:

Management, organisation and communications

  • Slack – there are a number of real-time messaging apps out there, of course, but Slack features not only direct messaging, but group discussions and private channels too;
  • drag and drop features allow you to share files, drawings and images without having to switch to email;
  • Deputy – although it also allows real-time and offline messaging, Deputy’s principal feature is its geolocation of your employees and the ability to organise and track their schedules, wherever they are on the road;
  • Concur – reduce administrative time and expense by giving your employees access to this app, which lets them take a picture of an expense receipt on their phone, which then creates the claim, allows you to approve it online, and arrange reimbursement directly to their bank account;

Pictures and documents

  • Dropbox – the app is one of the best-established collaborative tools for file sharing of documents, pictures and drawings, giving members of your team access to chosen files when they them (they are downloaded only at the time, so the app doesn’t consume storage space on their smartphones);
  • monthly subscription rates vary according to the amount of storage space you choose to use in Dropbox;
  • PicMonkey – for those times when a picture tells a thousand stories, this app allows fast, easy, on the go editing of work-related images, designs and drawings to get the message across to members of your workforce and for sharing amongst team members;
  • Google Drive – Google Drive is already a popular file sharing app, but with increasing use amongst small, medium and large businesses;
  • you get up to 15GB of storage space free and beyond that monthly subscription charges apply;

Accounts, invoices and payments

  • Xero – is an accounting app which lets you pay your employees, manage your purchase orders, and keep track of your real-time cashflows whilst you are on the move;
  • all your data is stored in the cloud, so remains secure to access from any device – whether back in the office or out on the road;
  • Square Point of Sale – a point of sale (POS) app that lets you accept payments from customers wherever you are;
  • the app turns any device – any android tablet or phone, iPhone or iPad – into a mobile POS reader and processor;

Shipping and inventory

  • Shopventory – did you ever imagine you’d be able to manage your inventory whilst out and about;
  • with this app, you can track profit margins, compare sales at multiple locations and spot trends – if some items you stock are not selling well, you might decide to discount the price, for example, and not restock;
  • Weengs – the logistics of getting orders delivered to your customers may prove time-consuming and expensive;
  • this app puts you in touch directly with the courier, who collects items for dispatch from your place of work, packages them, and identifies the most cost-efficient method of onward delivery.

Modern technology and a plethora of apps for mobile devices help to ensure that it is more than just business as usual whilst you and your workforce is out and about on the road.