9 month business loans provide both the funding and the necessary breathing space that most businesses need at some point. We provide loans of between £5,000 and £100,000 for businesses for a multitude of different types of business and ventures throughout the UK.

With funding in place from Cubefunder, you will be able to relax and take your business to where it ought to be without worrying about lengthy and complicated application processes.

Repayments with Cubefunder are made easy too. Rather than making borrowers repay their loans via a specified channel, as in the case of typical merchant loans, all we require is the repayment, so how you repay is up to you.

We provide businesses with specialised business loans, tailored for their needs and requirements including:

Short-term Business Loans
Merchant Loan Alternative Loans
Small Business Loans
Unsecured Business Loans


Simply let us know your preferences from the outset; how much you would like to borrow and over how long and we will assess your application on its own merit, rather than making you fill in lengthy application forms. What you are quoted at the outset is exactly what you will ultimately pay meaning that there are no unwelcome surprises and what you need to repay is clear as can be.

Get your business on track for success with business loans from our friendly UK-based team who will be happy to assist you.

Applying for a Business Loan With Cube Funder

Our processes are straightforward and hassle free so, when you apply with us, there are no hidden fees and our application form is specially designed to help you get the loan that will work best for the needs of you and your business.

Also, because we are a UK based lender of business loans, our team are based here making things as easy as possible for you at every stage of the application process.

Filling in our application couldn’t be easier either. Simply fill in some basic details about yourself and your business and we will get you going from there. This means that you have more time to focus on running your business and less time filling in unnecessarily long applications and paperwork. We always work to tailor your loan around you requirements and circumstances, providing much needed funding in the form of a 9 month business loan.

Repaying 9 Month Business Loans

Repaying a 9 month business loan from Cube Funder couldn’t be easier. Whether you prefer paying via card terminal, cash, bank transfer or otherwise, we are able to facilitate, making repayments as easy and comfortable as possible at all times.

We always make sure that our borrowers know from the very beginning of their loan’s commencement exactly how much they will be required to repay and by when, giving you plenty of notice.

Unlike traditional loans for business such as merchant loans, we won’t require you to change financial arrangements your business already has in place such as card payment providers or charges to customers, as we understand how this could interrupt the flow of business and turnover.

Our business loans are designed for you and your business. Because we aren’t answerable to a panel of hungry shareholders, it is your success, rather than pure profit that motivates the Cube Funder team. Ultimately, your success is our success.

Furthermore, if you decide that you want to repay the loan earlier than agreed, this isn’t a problem and there will be no early repayment fees incurred as is the case with various other lenders. This means that you can get back to running and growing your business and your ambitions as soon as possible.

We also understand that in business there are times where business is that bit slower. Therefore, if things should slow down and you struggle to meet repayments, just let us know and we will restructure your repayments for you to make it as easy for you as can be.

Do You Perform Credit Checks?

Our loans are all fixed cost business loans with flexible terms, which means that the amount to be repaid in full is decided at the outset. However, we do not carry our hard credit checks that leave a footprint on your credit record.

Rather, we ask you a series of relevant and important questions about you and your business and subject to a few simple soft checks; your business’ needs, its nature and requirements and overall affordability being assessed by our team, your loan will be funded.

One of the major benefits of us not carrying our harsh credit checks that leave a footprint in your credit record is that subsequent applications for any form of credit will be unaffected as a result of any of our checks.

women writing in notebook
women writing in notebook
man taking notes at desk

What Are the Terms of Application?

We don’t make you answer a bunch of sometimes irrelevant questions like many other lenders. Applying with Cube Funder entails you only filling in information that is absolutely necessary, for us to build a much more accurate picture of you and your business.

Because our loans are tailored to you, able to provide between £5,000 and £100,000, we are very well placed to tailor the loan to you, ensuring affordability when it comes to repayments.

We take every business on its own merits as opposed to making you fit predetermined criteria that don’t mean anything. There are also no additional interest charges or fees to hit you with.

You simply borrow an agreed amount and then repay us over an agreed timeframe. Nothing more. We understand the delicate balances that need to be struck in business and we will always be on hand to assist wherever required.

man taking notes at desk

Business Loans With Cube Funder Are Different

Traditional business loans and many of those currently available in the UK are not always as easy as they could and perhaps should be.

Many of these loans require borrowers to secure the loan against a high value asset such as a property, vehicle or other valuable item. This can add a great deal of pressure to the loan as failure to repay can lead to the loss of very valuable assets and possessions.

Also pursued by various other lenders of business loans are higher interest rates and this is something that is simply not the case with Cube Funder loans, as we do things very differently; better.

We will never make you commit to repayments that you are unable to afford due to extortionate interest payments. We will also never keep you tied in to a loan term for longer than you need to be and we always welcome early repayments free of charge and hassle free.

Our loans are all fixed term credit arrangements giving you the peace of mind that what you agree at the outset is what to expect thereafter. However, although our loans are forms of fixed credit, we always aim to keep the terms of the loan on your part flexible to help you pay off your business loan easily.

potrait of women using phone
potrait of women using phone

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